Surviva Scan

Outdoor pursuits always carry an element of risk. They are enjoyable yet, no matter how much you prepare, unexpected things can still go wrong.

SURVIVA SCAN QR codes stick to your personal sporting equipment and when scanned by a smart phone or the alphanumeric code is typed into an address bar of a computer, (via a landline if necessary), it links to your personal profile. This profile contains vital information for First Responders so that they can act quickly and safely when they come to your aid following an accident.

Get Your Codes

How do you make it work?

  • 1

    FIRST Activate your profile using your unique login code which is included in each pack.

  • 2

    THEN Upload your photo and enter your emergency contact details and other useful information which you can change.

  • 3

    Stick the SURVIVA SCAN stickers to your sporting and safety equipment.

  • 4

    GO and enjoy yourself, knowing that emergency help can be just a quick scan away.

The Sticker Pack

The pack contains six identical stickers so you can attach them to your most important equipment. The pack contains:

  • A unique code just for you.
  • 6 self adhesive stickers printed with photo stable UV resistant inks.
  • Polycarbonate safe adhesive for secure adhesion to plastics and almost all other surfaces.
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Take a Look

View an example profile so that you can see how it shows your details on your unique information page.

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