What happens if I don’t have a QR reader?

You can download QR scanners from the links below:
– Apple iPhone : QR Code Reader by Scan inc
– Android : QR Code Reader by Scan inc
– Microsoft Store : Microsoft Tag app
– Blackberry Store : QR Code Scanner

Does it work anywhere in the UK?

As long as there is data coverage / an internet connection.

Will it work abroad?

Your profile will be accessible any where there is data coverage / an internet connection.

Can the details of more than one person in a family be put on one code?

No, each profile is unique to the user.

Can I change my details easily, eg when away from home?

Yes you can change your details at any time by logging in from the home page.

How secure is my data?

Your data is encrypted and we do our best to keep your data safe, however it is advised that you only put details on your profile that you are happy to be in the public domain.

Where is the information stored?

On a secure server.

Do I have to fill in all the parts of the information?

No, how much information you put on your profile is entirely up to you.

Can it be read with any phone?

The QR code can only be scanned by smart phones however the web address below the sticker means the profile can be accessible by any phone that connects to the internet.

Can I buy extra stickers with the same code?

No, but you can link stickers with different codes to the same profile.

What will my stickers stick to?

Any smooth hard clean surface. Stickers are polycarbonate safe so can affix to helmets safely too.

Will anyone else have the same ID code as me?

No, each code is unique and relates only to you.

How long will my information be stored on you system?

Information will be stored on the system until it is deleted by you. It is viewable through scanning for two years after activation and ongoing provided the profile is kept active.

Are the stickers hard wearing?

Yes, we have done extensive testing into the materials used on the stickers and the design of them too.

Will the stickers work if covered with a clear tape/film?

Yes, as long as the QR code is clearly visible.

Can they be used to identify personal belongings?


Is it only for sports people?

No, SURVIVA SCAN is useful for everyone!